3 Ways to Identify Real ‘Make Money Online’ Opportunities from the Scams

3 Ways to Identify Real 'Make Money Online' Opportunities from the Scams

Not sure which Market Research Panel can be trusted?

Every second website on the internet appears to be plugging the latest, easy way to make money online. Many of these sites are scams however, and we as internet users, need to be cautious with which site we visit and subscribe to. But, there are legitimate opportunities out there that can allow you to make some extra money online. The question is, how can you tell the legitimate programs from the scams?

Here are 3 ways to identify real ‘make money online’ opportunities from the scams:

1)      Overpromising: Any website or program telling you that you will be earning more money with them than you’ll be earning with a full time job should be looked at suspiciously. If something is too good to be true, it usually is. With a market research panel for example, you can expect to be making anywhere from a few hundred rand to a thousand rand – maybe slightly more. Any panel though offering you tens of thousands of rand is simply a scam and you should be careful.

2)      Personal Identification Information: If you’re joining an online market research panel, of course some personal demographic information is needed. But be wary of any company asking you for your ID number and your banking details. Market Research does not require your ID number and do not give this out freely. There may be a requirement for banking details in terms of rewards, but again, be very, very careful. 

3)      Joining Fees: Some market research companies will charge you a joining fee or even a subscription. Many of these companies are actually real market research companies, but asking panellists to pay a subscription fee, we view, is unnecessary and unethical.

Remember these 3 things, and you should be safe to make some extra money online through surveys.