3 Ways to Increase your number of Surveys

3 Ways to Increase your number of Surveys

You’ve signed up for an online market research panel so that you can make some extra money online, but you’re not getting enough surveys. Or when you are getting surveys, you’re unable to complete them. This can be very frustrating, but this is something you can easily fix.

Here are 3 simple ways to increase the number of surveys you get and complete.

1)    Complete Profile Surveys: Market research is expensive for companies. This is why they have specific profiles in mind when they launch surveys. This is why it is imperative that you complete as many profile surveys as possible. What is a profile survey I hear you ask? It’s a simple survey, usually for no reward, that allows us to know more about you. The more we know about you, the more surveys we can invite you to. For example, if we don’t know you are a parent, you probably won’t get a survey about parenting that you might enjoy.

2)      Be honest: After you complete a profile survey, you will get surveys that match your profile. However, if you then change your responses for the same question on two different surveys, then your profile will be flagged as unreliable. Yes, some details can change such as primary bank account, but your gender is unlikely to do so. If your profile is considered dishonest, then you will not receive surveys.

3)      Be quick: Surveys have quotas. For example, A survey that requires 100 completes, may want 50 completes being male and 50 completes being female.  Once that quota is met, the 51st male or female person won’t be allowed to complete the survey. So, conduct all surveys you receive as soon as you can. And completion rate also has an impact on how many surveys you will get. If panellist A is shown to complete 90% of their surveys, but panellist B only 50% (even if this is mainly because their quota is already filled when they attempt the survey), surveys will be sent to panellist A more often, because they have a higher completion rate.

Keep the above 3 in mind though, work on them, and you will get more surveys, be able to complete more surveys, and make more money online through surveys.