Pennies 4 Your Thoughts puts in contact with companies who want to 

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By joining P4YT, you'll get access to surveys from around the 

world and locally on a wide range of interesting topics. 

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Register with P4YT using our registration form on the left. Please ensure that you are  100% honest with the details you provide, as these details will determine what kind of surveys you get. 

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Step 3: Complete Surveys and get rewards

Once you've confirmed your email address, you will start receiving emails from us inviting you to participate in surveys. You click on the link, complete the surveys honestly, and you will be rewarded with cash, prizes and incentives.

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What We Do

By joining P4YT, you'll be joining an online community that participates in market research for companies, both local and internationally. In addition, we are partners with a number of other market research companies that may want  you to join their panel. Our partners are thoroughly vetted so you can be assured that you will only be dealing with the best in the business.